Nov 18 2009



One thing I did that a purist might not agree with, I replaced almost every incandescent bulb with a new LED.  In my view the benefits far outweigh the ever-so-slightly-reduced authenticity.

Benefits of LEDs:

  • Bolder and more vivid colors
  • Longer life
  • Cooler burning
  • Draw less power and therefore easier on the wiring and components in the lighting circuitry
  • Instant-on/off for crisper animations

I also replaced the white bulbs in the space station ‘ring’ on the backglass with blue LEDs.  Again, not authentic, but way cooler.


What do you think?


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  1. Jon

    Hi Dave

    Can you help? My GI on SS has failed – I just bought my Space Station Project. Whilst looking at the relay on the back of the backbox, the wires all came loose as the coneector was burnt out, and now I cannot see which wires go where on the pins. Is there a chance you could help me here and either let me know what wires go on what pins or send me a photo? Appreciated.



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