Dec 18 2010

Creating a replacement plastic

One day as I was looking over the flyer for this machine I realized I was missing a plastic over the lower pop-bumper.

There is supposed to be a matching plastic on the lower pop bumper cap (shown to the right.)


I read up online and decided to try my hand at creating one.  I found the art online, printed it on thin paper, and attached a thin piece of acrylic with clear laminate.

The graphic I was lucky enough to find online.


I then used a Dremel to cut it to shape, and sanded/polished.



Just wow – you can barely tell which is the replacement.  If I clean up the curves, it will be a perfect match!  I didn’t expect this piece to turn out so well.  I still need to permanently affix it to the bumper cap.


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  1. mikemikeson

    I was missing the piece as well, thanks to your post, I was able to rebuild.

    1. Dave

      Glad I could help, Enjoy!

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