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Status update

This is a blog documenting the restoration of my

1987 Williams Space Station pinball machine.  

Thanks for visiting.

Oct 18 2012

Completed Playfield

The playfield turned out really well.  All that’s left is for me to paint the coin door and touch up the cabinet paint. I’ll just leave a little eye candy here for you…..

Dec 18 2010

Creating a replacement plastic

One day as I was looking over the flyer for this machine I realized I was missing a plastic over the lower pop-bumper.   I read up online and decided to try my hand at creating one.  I found the art online, printed it on thin paper, and attached a thin piece of acrylic with …

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Aug 25 2010

Troubleshooting the Pop Bumpers

I refurbished the pop bumpers – I replaced all the plastic and electric parts inside and polished the plasic. I am new at this after all, and so I did manage to screw them up pretty well by shorting out a coil by mistake along the way.  It took  weeks of troubleshooting to figure out.   I pored over the …

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Nov 18 2009

Relocating the Backup Batteries

The battery caddy on the system board was decrepit.  Many restorers move the backup batteries of of the board to protect it from battery acid.  This is wise and I did the same.  It required removing the old holder and installing a jumper wire, then putting a Radio Shack battery holder on the back box.

Nov 18 2009


  One thing I did that a purist might not agree with, I replaced almost every incandescent bulb with a new LED.  In my view the benefits far outweigh the ever-so-slightly-reduced authenticity. Benefits of LEDs: Bolder and more vivid colors Longer life Cooler burning Draw less power and therefore easier on the wiring and components …

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Oct 18 2009

General Illumination Repair

After reading a LOT online, I dove into repairing the right side general illumination.  This is a common problem that arises from the under-spec molex connector frying and losing conductivity.   In the pictures below you will see the burned white connector, which I replaced with the new black one from Mouser.  This required only …

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Oct 08 2009

Ramp Repair

It was hard to see when the the playfield was assembled, but the black ramp on the right side was broken at the end. I actually wrote up the repair process in an article for the now-defunct Gameroom Magazine… so I will just put that here.   Williams Space Station Ramp Repair Dave Santoro, Proprietor, Arcade …

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Sep 19 2009

Playfield Restoration

I took the playfield apart layer by layer.  It was very tedious and I was scared to death of forgetting how it goes back together… so I took a boatload of pics along the way. Each part was lovingly hand-polished with Novus plastic polish.  All rusty or scratched nuts and bolts were replaced, and the …

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Sep 18 2009

The condition of my new acquisition.

The machine was in what I would describe as good+ condition.  The great news is that most of the issues seemed to be cosmetic. The game was playable, but mechanically there were a few issues – a pop bumper or two was non responsive, the sound was badly garbled, and a few segments in the VFD …

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