Playfield Restoration

I took the playfield apart layer by layer.  It was very tedious and I was scared to death of forgetting how it goes back together… so I took a boatload of pics along the way.

Each part was lovingly hand-polished with Novus plastic polish.  All rusty or scratched nuts and bolts were replaced, and the plastic posts were replaced.  All the old dirty yellow rubbers were replaced with new white ones.

The playfield was hand-waxed.  I chose to leave they mylar on as it was in good shape, and I was concerned about pulling up the surface of the plastic inserts underneath.  No touch-up paint was needed.

Here are some of de-construction pics (before cleaning):

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Just came across your old blog for space station, I have a space station machine myself but I’m missing the 2 screws which attach the centre ball popper wireworm to the blue plastic mini play field, do you know what size they are?

    Kind regards


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