Troubleshooting the Pop Bumpers

I refurbished the pop bumpers – I replaced all the plastic and electric parts inside and polished the plasic. I am new at this after all, and so I did manage to screw them up pretty well by shorting out a coil by mistake along the way.  It took  weeks of troubleshooting to figure out.   I pored over the service manual and posted in the Usenet newsgroup in search of help.  If you are interested, that thread can be found here:

>>Thread Link<<

Suffice it to say that I replaced a lot of fried system board components to finally get things working.  I learned a TON about electronics during this process and in the end I was glad it happened.

I also want to give Kudos to Rob Anthony from RGP who spent a lot of time writing helpful advice in my thread above.  I highly recommend him for any of your pinball repair needs!  Here is is his information. 

Rob Anthony

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